Bitter Sweet Cafe A Unit of FETCH located at Inda, Kharagpur imbibes in itself the "bitter-sweet" stories of all visitors coming in. It is a cafe situated in the heart of the city. The cafe came into being on 15th August , 2019. Bitter Sweet is not just a coffee shop or a cafe. It is a multipurpose start up, designed keeping in mind the diversified needs of our dear customers. Bitter Sweet Cafe does not sell food, but it sells flavours.

From the Owner's Belly

"One fine day, we went out with our friends for an evening ride. Some of us wanted to have coffee, some wanted to eat food while some who have a sweet tooth wanted to have some yummy pastries. We couldn't get all three in one place. So some of us had to compromise our cravings. That day was the birth of the start-up "Bitter Sweet Cafe" where we decided to combine a variety of tastes. The interior was created in such a way to provide a relaxed home atmosphere. We tried to make Bitter Sweet as the favorite "hangout place" for all. The coffeehouse largely serves as a center of social interaction so that the restaurant industry can provide the drink and food. The pastry kitchen further tries to bring a cherry on the cake by turning classic pastries into unique ones. We tried to create some mouth-watering menus with a plethora of options. Our chefs are not only talented and experienced in their jobs, but also creative, passionate ,and dedicated to making the best dishes you will ever"